Inactive sim card

Hi, I have two sim cards, with two revolut accounts, but one of the sim cards does not work anymore and so I cannot access it anymore. However, by mistake a friend transferred money to that account, which I cannot access. Is there a way to transfer money from the inactive account, and close it permanently?

Hi there. That’s something support should be able to do for you.

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Well, first of all owning 2 accounts is a violation of the Revolut TOS :slight_smile:

That say I advice you to unlock your SIM card rather than contacting Revolut support…


Seems like a case of someone having opened a 2nd account accidentally. This is a common problem if people get a new phone with a new number. Support can merge the accounts, or they can change the number associated with an account to the current one and close one of the accounts. Support needs to be contacted anyway to close one of the accounts.

Having said this, I don’t know how support will handle this if both accounts were active simultaneously. I suggest to get in contact with Andreas K. from Revolut here in the Forum.


well done, thanks for the tips

Thanks! I tried but it seems to be taking way too long. I will persist a bit more!

The old account that I had was unused (never topped up) with no card as well and unverified. I had even forgotten I had it. However, friends with that phone number in their contact list could still send money to that account. I tried to get a replacement/fix for the sim card but the company is even less responsive than Revolut’s support.

Thanks for the suggestions! I am glad to see that it is something common and will not turn into something too complicated!