Inactive account: US dollar

Hello everyone:

I converted some euros to US dollar. Nevertheless the dollar account seems to be inactive.

Today I made a purchase in an online store and the amount was taken from my euro account…

Anyone can help me to solve this issue? Is there anyway to reactive my US Dollars account?

Thank you for your help.

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To reactivate a currency account:

Was the item priced in USD or EUR? Did your USD currency account balance cover the entire amount of the purchase?

The item was priced in USD and I could have cover the entire amount with my account balance. Your reply was really useful as I was able to reactivate my US dollar account!

Does it mean that if I don’t want to pay in GBP for example, I just have to deactivate the GBP account? That would be wonderful as some merchants try to charge me in GBP when they “detect” the origin of my debit card.

Thank you!

As far as I am aware, Revolut, in relation to the debit card–currency account feature, works as follows:

Assuming that your base currency is GBP…

-A GBP transaction: GBP taken out of GBP currency account.
-A USD transaction, $0 balance in USD: USD amount taken out of GBP (base) currency account at the spot interbank FX rate (*Weekend markup, illiquid currencies markup.).
-A USD transaction, sufficient balance in USD: USD amount taken out of USD currency account.
-A USD transaction, insufficient balance in USD: USD amount taken out of GBP (base) currency account at the spot interbank FX rate (*Weekend markup, illiquid currencies markup.). At the current time, transactions cannot be split whereby the remaining balance is taken out of the USD currency account, and the remaining sum to be paid is taken from your base currency.
-A GBP transaction (base currency), insufficient balance in GBP: GBP amount taken out of the currency account with the highest balance (e.g. USD currency account if you have £0 in your base currency and the USD currency account has the highest balance.), and converted to GBP at the spot interbank FX rate.

I am unsure as to whether you can deactivate your base currency.

Merchants (with physical payment terminals.) should give you the option to pay in the currency originally charged.

When you are paying (either with contactless or chip-and-pin.), double-check to see whether they are applying the correct setting to the payments terminal.

The practice for charging in your base currency (Therefore merchant converting at an uncompetitive FX rate and therefore incurring significantly higher price for the consumer.) is called ‘direct currency conversion’ (Dynamic currency conversion - Wikipedia).

There’s a big thread talking about the topic of DCC.

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Thank you, your response is really useful.