In app Travel Map for mapping currency spending progress


It would be a bit of a novelty and therefore not a priority however would it be possible to create a travel map which highlights the countries you have spent money in. Also if the travel progress map could be shared on social media it may encourage other users to join and encourage travelling of existing users and potential future users.


Hi @willisstorm4. Yep, I don’t think it will be a priority just yet.

But definitely an interesting idea and worth exploring. So what do you think we would show on the map? Just highlighting the countries people have spent in or some more information?


Im not the most creative person, so as far as the details go i don’t have any further ideas. The reason I thought of it was because I work for a private airline and ive used to card for personal expenses in many different countries. I am also a keen traveller so to see a ‘places ive been’ map that upates automatically when i’ve spent money in a country would be a nice novelty feature that you could share with other airline/travel collegues plus friends, family etc to let them you where you have been and compare/inspire trips and promotion of revolut of course.