In app support / verify source of funds 2


I had to create a new post because you closed my previous one without giving me a chance to respond.

You replied to my previous post saying someone would contact me in the chat shortly, well I’m pretty sure my chat is broken. All I can see is the messages I’ve sent, there is no acknowledgement, even automated acknowledgement from your end that the messages have been received.

I’ve been waiting since yesterday for something that should have been sorted in 5 minutes, and something that doesn’t really need to be done in the first place (why do you need to see the source of funds, isn’t the fact you’re receiving them evidence enough that there is a source?)

It’s approaching 6pm now, so it’s looking increasingly likely I will have to wait another day.

Thank god you’re not holding my money, this would be a truly terrifying experience if I was at the mercy of your in app chat to recover my cash.

Please implement an acknowledgement system in your chat, automated would be fine, just something to say “you’re x in the queue”.

How long should I expect to wait for an acknowledgement in the app? Please don’t close this thread until this is resolved.


Resolved now, I just had to be patient.

Please do consider the queue counter though.




I am having the same problem, it has been now more than 72 hours and nothing…

No update on the limits neither reply to my messages :frowning:





I am experiencing the same problem: I have uploaded my documents several time and sent numerous messages in the in-app chat support but I am not getting any kind of response or update on my status.

I now need to make some payments but cannot access my funds.
How can I get my documents reviewed ?