In-app Support - Or lack of...


Is the ‘Support’ function in the iOS app actually live? The bot message mentioned that I would be transferred to a live support agent yesterday but that never happened despite repeated requests.

If there is no support available in the app then it loses a significant benefit of using Revolut whilst abroad.


You can reach support faster on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


Possibly true, but I’m not putting financial details on social media.

It appears as though support is a major issue for Revolut, which makes it
unviable as a product, unfortunately.


For now, you can also try DMing @AndreasK here on the community to help you out :wink:


Thanks, I’ll give that a try as well as Twitter.


I have been waiting 48 hours for support about some missing money and although there was one response it was in the middle of the night Australian time - hardly a good advert for a company wanting to compete internationally. If there is high demand for support as the message keeps saying, employ more staff or find another solution. It’s so frustrating not being able to communicate.


Apparently the average response time should be 5 minutes.

I’m sceptical about that, given the amount of time taken to respond to my
query so will be taking backup cards a-plenty on my forthcoming trip.


and support here in the forum seems to be close to non-existing too.
all I see is a few members recommending others to try twitter or FB.