In-app support keeps resetting, need help with changing expired phone number


I recently switched my mobile provider to another country and the phone number I used to register my account is no longer active. I only discovered that my revolut account is only linked to that inactive number after it logged me out after the recent update (been using the app regularly for the past 7 months without logging out). Now I am on holidays with no way to access my account and the android in-app support keeps resetting. Once I actually received an answer from the support team, but as soon as I opened the notification, the message was gone forever so I couldn’t see the answer. Please help asap, thank you


Meanwhile received another in-app support reply notification that disappeared after I opened it and the support page is only showing a fresh unhelpful automatic assistant, all my previous messages gone. I understand that I will need to verify my identity in some way but the app or website gives me no option to do so.


Hey @mitjakocevar :slight_smile:

You can always override the assistant by typing live agent


It is ‘live agent’ and I am well aware of that but the issue is that my whole support chat history disappeared so I could not see the live agents reply, and even though I stated that fact in my question and asked him to reply via my email as well, he did not do it so another reply was lost. Wish there was another way to contact support, this whole process is very frustrating and unprofessional.


Hey @mitjakocevar :slight_smile:

True, agent, not “atent” :wink:

You can hold a conversation with :r: through Twitter: