In-app support is not responsive - Not working (SOLVED)


Hi all,

This morning I needed assistance through the in-app support.

I first asked Rita “Receiving payments” and she replied with “Could you rephrase your question? Otherwise say Live Agent and I will escalate your case.”.

I then typed “Reference number” and she replied “Oh no! Let me transfer you over to a live agent to look at this! While waiting…etc.” and then “One of our agents will be with you in about 4 minutes. Thank you for your patience.” while I never asked for a live agent.

Since then 4 hours passed and no one reached me yet, plus, since then, anything I type in the In-app support does not receive any reply, from Rita nor from a live agent, I have indeed ask for a live agent many times but the support is not responsive at all.

Please help me because it is very urgent.


This exact situation has happened to me!! So so annoying. Sort it out revolut.


Hey guys! I believe we have sorted this out with both of you on our support chat now. Apologies for the inconvenience!


My account is blocked and the support tab isn’t working on my app. Any chance you can help me?


I have written you a private message!