In-app support doesn't work


The in-app support doesn’t work at this moment…it just keeps loading


Happening for me too. I assume they’re having issues this morning. You can’t load money on at the moment either. I’d say check their social media for announcements.


This issue is now resolved, due to a server issue this morning.


Apologies, there was a server issue, which affecting all in-app features. It has been now resolved.

Thanks for you patience.


Andreas K.


Thank you for you’re reaction. The in-app support works again:)

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


I have the following issue with in-app support: i see a notification that a message was received but the message does not show in the chat window. I see only my own outgoing messages.


Hi @Nam,

Try to delete and reinstall the app.


Thank you, it works now.


Great to hear that @Nam.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Hello Andreas,

Need help with my revolut account. I have been awaiting a limit verification now for 3 days and the in app chat does not seem to work at all and your is also not useful. Help please.