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Ok. I have amended the post which was written before you sorted the problem through FB message. Thanks for sorting the problem. I remain concerned as to how difficult you make it to contact you. No suggestion on your website about using FB, which was a last resort for me.

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I transferred €5,000 to an account on April 24th (11 days ago!!!), and the money has not yet arrived. I have been trying to get some assistance from the in app support for 3 DAYS and get no reply of any sort. what the hell is going on???

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Ok, I have finally heard from Revolut and have received confirmation that the funds have been credited back to my account. Many thanks…but the in app support really has to pick its socks up.

I have been waiting 4 days to get a problem of missing money resolved via support chat. I am outside European time so it has been in the middle of the night when someone has eventually responded and I am then offline. I tried the Facebook link but that help fizzled out as well. I echo the frustrations of previous contributors. Revolut need to up their game to gain a good reputation.

I am now waiting just over 20 hours for a response on chat? Is this a record? It’s urgent as well and they asked me to contact hem. Any suggestions how I can get to talk to somone, I tried twitter as well but just get silence.

my card needs to be verified as i’m going away tomorrow and it’s still not verified my identity! Is there a number i can ring to get it verified??
Kind regards

Hi! I recommend reaching support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:

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I feel like I am talking to a black hole ,no replies and I am trying to obtain how to activate my card ,I transferred some money which appears to have disappeared ?
I looked for the activation number on my online bank statements ?no sign of that,am I missing something ?

Support requested at 7:30am, told it’d be an hour. 12:22am, still waiting. OUTRAGEOUS. Would appreciate more if you forced us to get the premium version, instead of sneakingly get us there. DISAPPOINTED, as user and shareholder.

I totally agree. I was looking for an alternative of traditional banking that enable to easy convert € to £ and reduce the cost. Revolut does properly work across France/England with the card and the currencies.
However, the customer service is disappointing: In-App Chat: useless, facebook: no answer. The only way is to scroll through the “community” to finally reach out to someone that can actually provide some hope, I am still looking for my transfer problem to be settled.

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I thought Revolut was a good idea until I tried to contact support.

They don’t have any. I phone First Direct bank and immediate resolution.

Revolut - you use in app chat - which is not real time chat and then what??? Wait - for an undisclosed period of time for help!! Imagine if you have a problem. You’d be incredibly worried.

Won’t recommend to friends until they can sort this out. CS is no 1 priority for most people.

Hi @benbo,

Customer support is a major priority for us and we aim to help our users as fast as possibly. We are also working on adding more agents in order to provide quicker and better services. If you’re having any issues you can also contact us on here or our social media channels so that we can help out. Please accept our apologies for any issues you’ve faced!

I started this thread back in Aug 2016 and throughout the thread there are echos again and again of the same comments I started the thread with.

Again and again you come out with rubbish like your comments above that your dedicated to support.

You still haven’t decided if you’re a chat based instant reponse thread OR if it’s a send email and wait.

You confusing customers!!

Stop writing useless comments in this thread and make some changes

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Hello Andreak, I have been blocked out of my account and need some assistance

Have to agree with rkflyer. Ridiculous “chat” service for 2017. Glad I signed up here while waiting and staring at my phone for the merest hint of a response. At least I know now not to lose my eyesight and come back to this later. Doesn’t fix the issue though. Poor service indeed Revolut.

Is 8 hours the usual amount of time it takes to approve ID or to reply to paragraphs of desperation on the strange support chat service? In fact I had to send in my ID three times before I was given up on entirely. They were different forms of ID aswel it’s not like I didn’t try. I’m really upset that any app could happily take your money then hold it as ransom until you prove who you are. Guess what, if you had issues with my identity you shouldn’t of taken my money in the first place. Your terms and conditions need an overhaul and I also need my money back and my account closed so I can stop worrying about this

Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.