In-App Support Chat


Please either make the support chat truly interactive OR change it to a send message and wait service.

The current chat style is confusing and you often sit there expecting a response when it can be some hours before you get a response

either is fine just decide if your an online interactive chat support OR an offline help message service


Isn’t there a note to show when they’re online or offline?


Yes, it says when our support is available or not as well the working hours of the support team.


Thank you for the suggestion, we are considering adding an estimated waiting time until your chat ticket is picked up by one of our agents. For now, we are working hard to make sure most users receive a response within a couple minutes.


agree with rkflyer, in these days users expect instant reply from a chat service. The current chat features is more like regular emails. It can be very frustrating when you are expecting urgent reply and you have no idea if someone has read your questions and if someone is currently working on the case. Maybe a live estimated response/solving time would help


Also, what is overly frustrating is that you can’t send a message outside of the business hours. So whenever you have an issue outside the hours, you have to remember about it to be able to send it later, which feels very un-user-friendly.

Locked Revolut Card

what we need is a 24hr support service , recently was in USA when card was being refused , sent message via chat but due to time difference was unable to get a reply for quite some time , in mean time had to use an alternative card at additional expense . Fault was Revolute had problem with servers. maybe if there is a system fault a message could be broadcast to users would save a lot of worry for people that are away and wondering if they cannot access monies


Hi Brianvamey1,

We are already working on this and it will be live very soon. Thank you for your feedback


Have to agree with this. As a global service it really must have support that can account for users not on european time.


We’re working on improvements to this system to better provide the support our users need. We aim to provide a high quality support service which will be available 24/7.

24 hour support

I agree that people expect immediate support 24/7 via live chat and in-app support is critical. I have some ideas on this and would love to discuss privately. Who should I contact please?


It’s awful. Delays are long and it’s frequently offline.


Agree - I’m having exactly this problem at the moment. Really frustrating. Can you give us an idea - Revolut team - when you’ll have next gen support as you describe?


Clearly Revolut’s statement that they will try to resolve your chat support is an empty promise. Tried using it last Thursday and today. Last Thursday it took over 3 hours to get any support. Today 3 hours have gone by and still no response . I was told after my first plead for help today that someone would get back to me in a few minutes. Just another empty promise from Revolut


It’s not just out of European time that there is lack of response . Today I asked customer support to resolved a declined transaction in euro despite there being sufficient funds available. I need this transaction online in the UK and asked for help at just after 4 PM . More than three hours have gone by and I still have no response.
The chat line is just horrendously inadequate both in and out of the European time zones


Ok I have been trying to talk to someone now for a few weeks, but anytime I start a chat, i’m usually out of the app.
I would expect that if its going to take you so long to get back that you can at least build in a notification tool that will at least enable one to know that the chat has now become live.

Its almost impossible to just sit there waiting hours for a response with no notifications.

In my case it has been pretty serious as someone has cloned or gained access to my Revolut card.
They have tried numerous times to buy items with my card and my only saving grace is that i had no money loaded onto my account.

Now i have tried repeatedly to order a new card, but until this day to no avail.
I’m aware that I can order a new card within the app, but i need to speak to someone to ascertain that my previous card has been fully canceled and not just blocked and that a new card has been ordered with a completely different number. thankfully I didn’t activate auto top-up else they would have emptied my account.
As this is an act of fraud i don’t want the pleasure of having to pay for a new card.
This i believe should be replaced automatically.
I just need to be able to chat to someone.


If you block and ask for a re-issue in app the old card will be unlinked from your account. If for some reason you want to re-link it at a later date you can. Your new card will have a totally new number, expiry date and CVV. Pin number will be maintained. Virtual version of your new card is immediate, allowing online purchases etc. Went through the process myself 3 days ago after losing my wallet. My replacement card arrived in 48 hours, can’t guarantee yours will. As to cost of replacement similar to the other 5 I’ve had to replace. Huge benefit of :r: - card blocked immediately, other cards took total of 3.5 hours of phone calls to cancel.


Perhaps switching a new system would help.

Intercom ( seems like a pretty good system (Disclosure: Zero links to them. Seen them in use in Day One and other iOS apps and found them to be pretty good, as a user.), since they’ve got features like ‘sent receipt’ and ‘read receipt’.


In App support. I’m a new user. Signed up today. I needed to find out how quick ‘express delivery’ was for a card to be sent - before I went ahead to get one. The in app support took 4.5 Hours to get back to me. Twitter was quicker… and so was facebook messenger. I don’t really see the point of in app support chat if it takes so long!


4.5 hours is a little more than a couple of minutes! This is 9 months since your post!