In-app support chat usability problem.


I’ve been using the in-app support chat, and come up against a frustrating problem.

Currently support’s 12–6pm BST at weekends. I sent a message whilst support was open, and as usual there was a lengthy wait for a reply. I eventually received a response at about 7pm, to my surprise, and so headed in to the app to reply.

Unfortunately, as support was allegedly closed at that time, the app had no UI to let me respond, only an annoying Premium upgrade prompt. At this point I thought ‘okay then, I’ll respond tomorrow’.

A few minutes later, I got another message saying that because you hadn’t heard from me in a while you’d be archiving my chat — greatly frustrating. When I was finally able to speak again, the new agent didn’t make reference to my previous question, so I assume the context had at that point been lost.

All in all, it was really quite annoying, particularly when there’s no email support as a backup for the often unsatisfying chat widget. I’m pretty sure when I joined initially the 24/7 support was available for non-Premium users, so I’m assuming this behaviour is just the result of a poorly implemented free-user penalty?

I hope you’re able to improve this experience, because if there’s one thing that’s almost an instant account-close issue for me (and I’m sure others), it’s a poorly considered support experience — when things go wrong with financial products, you want to know there’s a robust and predictable way to get help.



Isn’t it lovely?

I have experienced exactly the same as you describe, “Since i havn’t heard from you in a while i will archive this chat”.

WTF, i think they do it intentionally in a stupid attempt to get more premium customers.

It might work but those customers wont be good ambassadors for revolut…


So sorry for the delay! We’re trying to get back to everyone asap! We’re growing our team and understand it’s important for our users to not be kept waiting. We appreciate your patience.


Thanks for your reply.

With respect, if you would look again at my original message, you’ll see it’s actually the functionality of the app I’m primarily giving feedback on, not the support wait time — that is, this is a technical not a human problem.