In-app not allowing change of address

I am having a very similar problem to this poster: Can't change address

I have an address in the USA; however, I am working and studying here in the UK. At first, I entered my address in the USA and after I was notified that the service is not available there I was not able to go back and change my address. I’ve looked at a few of the posts on this and there is not much help in the way of do-it-yourself tips. Can someone direct me how to change this?

Thank you!

AFAIK toy cannot change this part of address by your own. You have to ask support, via in-app chat, for help

Hey - thank you for your comment. Unfortunately once the screen stating that Revolut is not offered in my country-of-address, then it closes off all options for requesting support in-app.

Okay, are you able to use Twitter or Facebook?

Would you recommend I move to Twitter or Facebook to request help from Revolut there? I was assuming I could probably move through this platform first.

Social media are monitored better than this community forum :wink:.
Of course you can wait in here but if you want Revolut to operate earlier- use Twitter :wink:

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Wow - thank you so much! I really appreciate that advice!