In-App chat seems to be unresponsive?

Yesterday I was chatting to one of your support and then I couldn’t reply for some time. I received a message from your support member that chat will be archived and if I want to continue just to type there again.
Today after opening chat I even don’t get auto-assistant (Rita) and there is no response at all (usually it says how long to wait etc) for more than 2 hours! I tried to restart the app and reboot the phone. But still the same. I need this quite urgently! Please assist asap.

Hey @ckomopox :slight_smile:

Maybe uninstalling and installing back might work

@Juliopp nowp, still the same after re-installation. I am sending messages there like in a black hole…

Hey @ckomopox :slight_smile:

Weird… :frowning:
Try Twitter, to see if you can reach :r: there