In-app chat is broken

On iOS 14.4.2 and iPhone 12 Pro Max it’s now impossible to enter text into the support chat. Was fine before V8 of Revolut. It’s impossible to enter text into the input box.


The triumvirate of universal Revolut bug fixing did it for me:

  • Delete app
  • Restart phone
  • Reinstall app
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Just tried that is it does not fix the issue. The moment you click in the text box it disappears and cannot be reached.

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Can you enter text anyway?

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No, not really.

Support have confirmed it’s a bug they are aware of.

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Glad to say it’s fixed in 8.1

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Same here. I can type text in but it’s hidden below the browser chrome

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I am still facing the same issue and you can’t see what is being typed in the chat. Anyone can help how to resolve this please.