In app chat and a question..

In app chat is causing my app to close. I need to ask a question about a bank transfer. Where does the bank transfer go to on the app and is there a minimum accepted amount? Thank you.

Go to? It goes to Revolut. What exactly is unclear about it? I wouldnt be aware of any minimum amounts, but keep in mind SWIFT transfers usually come at a fee, so transfering USD 0.01 might not make much sense :slight_smile:

What currency are we talking about?

If your referring to the payments > bank transfer, it goes to the beneficiary that you set up.

Hi, an agent left my chat stuck and I now need to inquire for a transfer from a Swedish bank and I can’t get hold of anyone. Can someone help me please?

@cristian9, I think you can type “resolved” to close the current chat. Then you can open a new one by typing “live agent”.


That would be nice to have this kind of feature but no one is answering in my metal customer priority chat (for weeks) and resolved does not close it. Would be really nice to have a close button or the ability to have two separate chat requests