In-app Bill Splitting


Splitting bills is a pain. No one carries around the correct cash, and collecting bank details is a hassle. With Revolut, you can split a bill in seconds using ‘Send’ in the App. Just choose a contact on Revolut, type in the amount owed for :beer::pizza: and Rev it.

We’re exploring how we could make this process even easier. For example, adding the option to just tap on a transaction, hit ‘Split With’ and send a request for the money owed to your friends.

What do you think about this idea? How do you reckon we could make splitting bills even easier?


Hi, great idea. Just make sure we can select multiple people with custom amounts.
I use the “Share-a-bill” app whenever I go on a trip with friends and it works pretty well. Maybe you could look it up. If I could have the whole feature (calculate amount + send/request money) within the app, that would be awesome.


This would be incredible - I proposed a similar idea to one of your colleagues a while back, but a little bit of a different approach. The system I proposed was that you could, for a defined time period (say until 11pm that day), set your card as a ‘group card’ for specific people you choose. They then click ‘accept’, and can perhaps define a maximum spend if they want. Then, any transaction for that period gets split equally between all of the accounts.

This would be so great for group nights out for example, as one person’s card can be used for all expenditure without having to faff around at all.

Great to hear that this sort of thing is on the cards though, however you do it! (Sorry (ish) for the pun).

Thanks as always, Martin


My favorite bill splitting app is “Settle up”. It handles multi currencies well. I don’t like the interface, though.

Social banking; pay together, share account, split bills

Maybe you could add an option to split an individual transaction or a group of transactions between friends


It would be a super great implementation (maybe after all more important ones like Pay and IBANs for instance).

In fact, some apps and services offers this service like a French one “Sharepay” which gives a free prepaid MasterCard and an app to control the percentage of the splitting… :slight_smile:

One card for multiple account
Social banking; pay together, share account, split bills