Improvements suggestions to subscription mangements

Revolut is pretty clever when it comes to detecting monthly subscriptions, however. There is a few ways where Revolut can improve this function even further. As of now, Revolut only seems to be able to pick up on monthly subscription. I would love to be able to select a transaction and say that this is a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

If I click a transaction and select that it is a yearly subscription, I would like to see that price divided by twelve and each month have one twelfth of that automatically subtracted from the budget. That way, the yearly cost of the subscription is automatically budgeted for each month. The same would of course apply for a quarterly subscription. The only difference is that you have it divide on four rather than twelve.

Under “Budget”, I would also like to see a “Subscriptions” tab where all my subscriptions are listed. Right now the only way to see subscriptions AFAIK is when you create a Pocket.