Improvement to Pockets - Store multiple currencies in one Pocket to avoid issue with currency flucations

I’ve a quite a few different subscriptions in quite a few different currencies. The concept of Pocket where I can have the amount detected at payday and paid from the pocket is a clever feature, but does not account for currency fluctuations. If my monthly subscription to Spotify is 9.99 USD it will take what the equivalent is in NOK and add the ammount in NOK to my pocket, rather than adding 9.99 USD to the Pocket.

My suggestion is therefore to allow Pockets to store multiple currencies at once. So that if I have a 9.99 USD subscription from Spotify and a 99 NOK subscription from another source. It will put both of the 9.99 USD and the 9.99 NOK in the same Pocket at the time of subtraction and I won’t have to worry about currency fluctuations.

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another drawback which I am hoping Revolut will fix, is. I have a standing order setup to transfer to a bank that is in Asia. I am able to setup the Pocket and connect it to this transaction but the Pocket will not allow me to setup a recurring funding because the currency of the bank transfer is not in £.