Improved statements (Idea)

The current statement features are fine for basic transaction exporting by date, but they’re quite basic vs. a regular bank.

There are a few improvements I’d like to suggest:

  1. Better balance formatting. Transaction lines show as “100” or “150” in the balance, rather than a standardised “100.00”.

  2. PDF exports. HTML and CSV seem like the only options so far. I can do a “save to PDF” via the system print dialog, but that’s not quite the same level of professional sheen as a native PDF.

  3. UTF-8 character fix. The copyright line on the statement shows as “Copyright �� 2015 ��� 2017 Revolut Limited” - maybe a charset or a font issue? For that matter, why should a copyright blurb appear on a statement?

  4. Full account details. Bank statements are obviously a common verification method for companies to prove a physical presence. The lack of info on the statement makes it look like we could easily have whipped up a fake statement. It lacks the authenticity of feeling like a ‘real’ bank statement.

  5. Second line details. The statement line shows the sender as a generic "Payment from ", without any second line details for what the payment was for, the transfer memo, etc. This makes it harder for an accountant to reconcile charges, since they have to click on individual transactions to get more detail.


I’d like to:

The ability to filter transactions by Revolut card: I’d like to have one card for personal use and one for business but this only makes sense if I can generate different statements for each. This doesn’t appear to be possible today.

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