Improve Vaults functionality or create real saving account

I saw some ideas about saving account and it’s been “answered” with Vault feature. It either needs some additional functionality or separate feature should be created…

Vaults only accept one type of currency so if user wants to deposit several different currencies, he must either convert, or create separate Vaults. So could we have multi-currency Vaults or some different concept where a lot of currencies can be stored?
That was my main concern. Although, it would be a neat option to deposit funds for agreed time with some kind of interests. As in real saving account.


Some kind of interest would be nice …


I would be happy with this, especially if I can lock my money for 30 days, or 5 months. In the vaults, that should be a feature, to lock it for any time.

Its comming
Was confirmed on the live stream

I’m using vaults for a while now and I’m saving in XRP the problem I have with it is that there is no way to see how much I spend for total XRPs in my vaults because every time you spend money the rate is different. So now I don’t know if I sell it will I make more money or loose. This is big problem for me to be honest.