Impossible to get the text or call and awful assistance

Tonight I tried to help my wife opening a Revolut account. Unfortunately she couldn’t get neither the text message nor the call. So I asked the helpdesk from my account and the reply I got from this Rita was appalling, simply nonsensical totally unrelated words.
Think about it, they can provide no help.


If you want to talk to a real human you need to type “live agent” in the chat :slight_smile:


Thanks, I did so but got the reply “it could require 4 hours” :frowning:

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I think there should appear a link after some minutes “didn’t receive a code” or so. It did before.

Also: this is not unusual with automated SMS. I have fun with iCloud frequently. :man_shrugging:t3:

I specified that even the call didn’t work. The chat is so slow it’s unbelievable. No problem, my wife will not open the account.

Did you manage to talk to someone in the inapp chat?

How? During the registration process there is no possibility and for normal customers they reply after hours. Too bad

You wrote that 12hours ago :

So did you manage yo talk to someone?

No. They just reply when you are not online and say “there should be a link from the app”. Anyway the system so far doesn’t work. Thanks for trying to help. I have seen there are many people with issues opening this account. When I opened mine, everything went flawlessly, I don’t understand why she doesn’t receive the sms nor the verification call. Basically she is stuck.

Still nothing, my wife tried to use the chat that appears as you suggested but nobody replies. Are there phone numbers to contact them?

We have solved this way: we have been forced to use a foreign, non Italian phone number. I can’t believe. Obviously NO assistance or whatsoever.