Impossible to contact in Canada

I downloaded your app, gave you all my personal information, only to be told the app is not available in Canada!
I am trying to contact your customer support to have them delete my account and ALL my personal details however I am finding it impossible to do so.
There is no InApp Chat in Canada, the app just tell me to wait for it to be available - with no ETA.
There is no phone number.
There is no email address (all generic, e.g. support@ bounce)
There is no way of contacting you other then writing a letter and posting it!
Please can some one give me a contact method or get in touch with me directly?

Hey @cben :slight_smile:

You can give
feedback (@)
a try.

Else, the forum moderators should be able to help you. Alternatively, you can also reach :r: directly through their Facebook or Twitter :wink:

Hi there. I believe we’ve already been in touch and sorted it out.