Impossible to contact assistance !

I pay for a premium account and since yesterday nobody replys my messages on there assistance. Same the robot Rita is not there. It happens exactly at the moment they hold my payslip. I m furious !

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hello Pierre try twitter or facebook.

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Same ! They can not be trusted !!! Shame ! Shame shale !

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FB and twitter already done of course…no reply ! But thk you for telling.

Almost 48h I ve sent my documents to justify my funds and since no contact, no reply and my payslip transfer still blocked… My wife uses revolut too. She went on the assistance that was working for one reply… Then she explained my case and since her assistance stopped working. No reply, no robot, no live agent. Like if they’d block the assistance when they hold your money. It really sounds like a big scam. My payslip and my wife’s will go next on a real bank. They lost two clients…

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Same here - account been locked for days and all they crow about is how much money they have raised!! Shocking

Same is happening to me!
Did you get your money back at least? They’re holding my pay slip

I’m not missing any money but payments are blocked into and out of account and there is literally no support at all. This has been ongoing for nearly a month. Shocking.

I have an exact same problem! There has been an error from my company’s side when transferring my salary, so it’s not all on Revolut. However, I have Premium Account, which should include 24/7 customer service and no one has responded to my inquiries - I have tried to contact Revolut in in-app Chat, Twitter, and Facebook…nothing. At the same time they keep sending me messages about how much money they have earned from users…maybe an idea - to invest some of it to customer service in order to keep your customers… I’m not sure if I ever see my salary now. This is not OK.

I think we need to include one of the Revolut team members in this chat but I don’t know how to do this?

OK, I actually got my issue sorted! The way it worked for me was that I contacted Revolut through Facebook, they asked for my phone number (the one connected to my account) and assigned the case to someone in in-app Chat. After reading people’s comments here, I am positively surprised, that I actually managed to solve the problem in one day. So for anyone else out there, who are still having problems, maybe it helps to try to reach them through different channels. Best of luck!

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I have been contacted by an agent this morning explaining they are extremly busy. He fixed my problem.

I want to increase my limit and they mentiined they will fix my problem in 96 hours but i am waiting for a week and no response

An agent finaly gave me a reply this morning. I think my messages on fb and twitter helped to be contacted sooner