Impossibility to connect Revolut

Yesterday I contact Revolut by chat from the application because I am currently in India for my job and I use an Indian SIM card because my french SIM card is not working here and I need to and a beneficiary to transfer him money.
I chatted with an Revolut agent who updated for me in my profile my Indian mobile number instead my French number and asked me to logout on the application the to log again with my Indian number.
I did it but when I enter my Indian number the buttonn click to connect is not working. So I tried to reconnect with my French mobile number but the application send a SMS to it but as It cannot work I cannot get the 6 digits code to log in.

I try to call the Revolut phone contact number but it is only for the card.

What can I do now?

In advance thank you very much

When you are loging in, after 60 sec of wait for SMS you are able to tap “Don’t have an SMS” (or something like that) then you can choose contact with support.

Dear Redi,

Thank you for this information.

Best regards