Immediate help when card decides not to work


There should be an immediate solution and help from support if the card decides to not work, I was paying the bill at a hotel in Helsinki and the card reader wasn’t recognising the card, I tried contacting support but got help hours later which needs to to quicker, as if I hadn’t had another card I’d of been in trouble, I had to use a different card and had to incur charges.


I think that this is more of a scaling issue; as the company grows, the more support staff they’ll be able to hire! Then you’ll hopefully be able to get a quicker response. Maybe they can add an “emergency” category for when the card isn’t working. Then at least you get a bump in the support queue.

It’s a double-edged sword though, since there will be more support requests for the staff to handle. :slight_smile:


Your both right @OllieBrown @ryanbruce, the company grow and there are a lot more requests to handle.

In fact, I think Revolut can solve this problem by creating also a special “emergency hotline/chat” that replies in minutes when support is open and w/ maybe extended support time ; so nobody get stuck again in the hotel lobby waiting to pay the bill :wink:


I’ve been using it for several months in a range of countries and the glitches seem to be getting less, however I would highly recommend that you have a back up payment method as support is way to slow in terms of dealing with these types of issues and it generally doesn’t work standing around in a lobby waiting for a solution that frequently is inadequate for the position you find yourself. Funnily enough you will often find that the card works perfectly well in another card reader at the same time


Just to put in my 2 pence, I have found issues with multiple cards, more or less if your card is electronic you should always ensure you have an offline card available (such as one provided by a bank). The reason for this is because if they are unable to make a connection due to internet or telephone connection issues it will fail the transaction, where-as an offline card it will still be processed and stored as there is a gaurantee on funds placed until it can make connection again.


Thank you for your ideas!

Just to clarify we have taken important and effective implementations and updated our support team. Revolut grows fast and we’re working hard on increasing and improving our support function to be able to provide a better experience to our users.