IMHO: Revolut should focus on improving/perfecting the basics

The “soon” arrival of Metal Cards and all that comes with it, reminds me again that :r: seems to be having their priorities wrong.
Before adding any more bells and whistles (like Metal Cards, Concierge Service, Airport Lounges and whatnot), please please please focus on the biggest problems you have:

  • Improve support response times and quality dramatically.
  • Communicate on what the status of you getting your banking license efforts is.
  • No “soon” for you (I hope you get that reference). Please give reasonable outlooks and estimates rather than “It’s coming soon”.
  • Fix features that people use daily, e.g. paying people via payment link and not forcing them to make a Revolut account to receive their money (this is broken for at least 6 month).

I’m sure there are more issues to this list, but I just wanted to point out what annoys me most, and I’m not even a daily Revolut user.


  • 3D Secure
  • real Debit Cards

business wise things are also bad on the basics.

  • the BIC of the unique multicurrency iban, REVOGB2L, doesn’t work (Barclays refuses to act as intermediary)
  • there is an API, but no way to create application tokens
  • nothing has been done since it was launched to get the web interface working on mobile
  • weekend markup makes the card useless as most business transactions on other currencies happen on weekends

I appreciate your attempt, but these things have been mentioned so many times already and nothing has changed and Revolut simply ignored it. So I doubt this plea will achieve anything either, I am afraid.


Maybe it’s time that the customers change, i.e. terminate their accounts. It’s not like that there are no alternatives to Revolut.

Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen on a mass scale, which is typically necessary for a company to notice anything at all.

Thats the dilemma, for some of their services they are quite unique and there are no full alternatives.

I quite agree.

In an ideal world they should be doing both. Improving the basics and the reliability of the core product and also innovating as fast as they seem to be doing.

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Well, you only have so many resources. While I understand they are eager to introduce new features, I still think ensuring to have a stable foundation should be more important than some new bells and whistles. Apart from the fact that personally I found all these bells and whistles, which they introduced in the past months, relatively underwhelming. Things like DCC blocks are far from done, respectively not even announced/planned.

Sure. I mean what does it help, to have so many new customers when those become unhappy because they can’t get anyone from support responding in a reasonable time?

I think Revolut (the majority shareholders/owners) have made a conscious decision to make an enormous dash for growth.

This has impinged most positively on the Revolut unlisted share price. The few shares I bought through Seedrs increased in price very substantially in the months I owned them.

Maybe this is the rationale? Also would make any take over/sale of Revolut a far more profitable scenario for the current owners/investors.

Maybe I’m attributing motives that aren’t there? I hope so. I’d rather Revolut grew in a balanced and sustainable manner.

I realise growth is the lifeblood of any start up. But hey…the biggest asset is the customer base. More nurturing needed :slight_smile:

3D Secure


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Sadly most viable suggestions go unanswered on this forum and raised issues generally go unfixed.


I generally have the impression the official participation dropped dramatically in the past weeks. Before there was at least some sort of regular feedback, during the week mostly Andreas, during weekends almost exclusively Jessica. That has stopped, Andreas shows up every couple of days and weekends are entirely unattended.

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Good thing is that we have this forum.

Well, he might just be on holiday and therefor not checking the forums.

do you find reasonable that a bank-ish with over a million customers only has one person handling the feedback of the community?


I dont really want or need to re-iterate @alejandro.mery’s response, but - and no offence here Henrik - that particular statement of yours really leaves somewhat of an apologist impression.

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Sure i can see that, was merely commenting on why Andreas (specifically him) might be away. I agree it would be awesome to have more activity from Revolut on this forum and that the engagement is too low.

That is an over interpretation of my comment.

IMO it is strange you can get more attention and responsiveness in FB/twitter than in their official site forum. Here I feel more like a fan-made forum :joy: (Nevertheless in FAQ/About us I see there is like 20 :r: team members admins/mods but never seen other than Andreas showing up :slight_smile:)

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True, thats a good point.