Imagine if Saxo pulled the plug on Revolut....

…and they were unable to run the business and were left hanging for over six weeks with the account frozen with no proper explanation apart from “under review for security reasons” probably due to some algorithm and no response or updates for days on end…

How do you think they would react to being treated like so many clients?

Probably Revolut hav already readed and respected T&C of Saco :roll_eyes:

The amount of clients suffering from frozen accounts suggests there are major issues between the front end and back end. The lack of communication with customers is laughable.

That we cant tell. There are quite a few in the forum here but that could easily be the usual vocal minority … not saying though there is no room for improvement in customer support and overall communication.

I already addressed the issue at Bank transfers to Revolut - Avoid them at all costs - #11 by alessandro