I'm worried!


Hi, I’m starting to use Revolut more and more but one thing worrying me is the amount of people claiming they have had accounts locked! This worries me. If I’m putting thousands of euro into my account I must always have access to it. This includes proper customer support and NOT contacting you on twitter or Facebook as I don’t use them??


Verify your account. And verify your top-up cards. Watch your security settings. Get familiar with things like location based security. No need to worry!


Hello @BRAC

I understand your worries! We always advise to verify your account and confirm the card used for top up to help ensure your Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible.

If you need any help you can either contact us here, in-app chat or feedback@revolut.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K