IF THIS, THEN THAT type functionality.



This would be super powerful and a feature that nobody else has.


So when something is triggered (the IF) something else happens (the THEN)


Restaurant category > £250 this month
Send email and get alert with content “Stop eating out so much!” to myself

Transaction is credit and contains ‘salary’
Move 10% of transaction to vault Savings AND Send 50% to joint account with wife.

Bitcoin price falls 10% today
Transfer £100 to Bitcoin

Any transaction happens
Add a line to my Google spreadsheet

etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

Also, integrating this with IFTTT would be super crazy powerful.


Scripting your finances :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, difficult to realise with the current mobile-only approach though.


IFTTT’s mobile app is full functionality though. Can be done. :man_scientist:


Can yes, how easily is a different subject. Especially if you want to provide full customisation and not just some preset actions.


Hmmm that would be interesting! :slight_smile:


It would be AWESOME. :speedboat:


I’ve passed this on :slight_smile:


This is the best idea I read on this forum. This feature is really useful and no one has it.


Brilliant! Simple scripting on a bank account would be :muscle::rocket::tada:


@AndreasK any word on what the team thinks of this? :eyes:


Tell Alexa to play Celebrate Good Times by Funktown America, while flashing the Phillips Hue lightbulbs…! :partying_face::clinking_glasses::tada:

All joking aside, while the above would be entirely possible with full IFTTT.com integration, I’m not keen on allowing a third-party service provider to read my transactions. However it’s possible that transaction details could still remain hidden, and cgompletely contained within the security of Revolut…

Using the above example again, when your salary is received from your employer, the Revolut app could push the word “salary” to IFTTT as a simple text string. In fact it could even be something less obvious, such as “scenario01”. This string - which wouldn’t contain anything confidential - could then trigger the actions.

Definitely a great idea and something that is worth considering at :r: HQ.


IFTTT is proving to be very popular with the Monzo account. Interestingly, one of the most useful triggers relates to foreign spending.


I didn’t realise there was already IFTTT integration when it came to the world of Fintech. I just had a look at their “recipes” and there are some very interesting ones. For example:

Take on the 1p saving challenge
Gradually increase the amount you’re saving each day to a pot of your choice. On 1st January, you’ll save 1p. On 2nd January, you’ll save 2p. This goes right up to £3.65 (or £3.66 :grin:) on the last day of the year! Feel free to jump in part way through the year, and see how far you get!

Log my card purchases to a spreadsheet
Keep a handy record of all your spending in a Google Sheet.

Send me a reminder to drink water two hours after I buy coffee
This applet will add a reminder to drink water whenever you buy a coffee. You’ll get a notification two hours after you make the transaction.

Further examples here. :link:


So next steps - Revolut to integrate as a service.


I didn’t know Monzo had it. Very cool.


For a service (don’t want to call them a bank :skull:) as innovative and customer centric as Revolut I think this is a necessary feature. Automation is an inevitable trend going forward.


I agree. It adds a fun component to the account without detracting from it’s integrity. It also prompts ideas for new features within the account itself.


You can call them a bank now, Lithuania gave them their licence :wink:


Difficult to regard Revolut as a bank from a UK POV, at least for a while yet.


Not in spirit, but in actuality :sunglasses: