If I receive USD will it automatically convert to my default currency?

If I send USD to my card via a swift payment will it be credited as USD or converted to my default currency of GBP? I have a USD account on Revolut so I assume it would just go in there?

If it does go in the USD account I would then like to send a payment of USD elsewhere so I won’t be requesting to convert currency.

Are there any charges for this if I do a lot of it in a short period? For instance fair usage charges.


Hey @YoghurtTree :slight_smile:

It will be credited as the currency it was sent in :wink:

You can find the fair usage terms here:


It depends on which account details one uses for the transfer. Always use the right details depending on the currency you’re going to transfer into your Revolut wallets. Every currency has a different dedicated IBAN. More about this in the FAQs :wink:


Brilliant thanks both of you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi. Does Revolut auto convert Local Currency to Foreign Currency while making a transfer to the Foreign Bank Account (like Paypal)? Or they will send direct local currency (like Google)?

Hello! Sorry to ask here but couldn´t find a “start new topic” button. As I understand I can hold multiple currency on my revolut account. Thus, my questions are:

  1. If I receive a transfer in USD will it be identified as USD and placed into USD account without any commission/exchange rate? I have EUR and USD account, EUR is default currency as I understand (where can I check it?)
  2. Are both EUR and USD accounts suppose to have different account details? I see that I have the same IBAN and BIC number for both accounts. How shall I transfer USD to the right revolut account then?
  3. If I want to spend USD from my USD account and EUR from my EUR account not to pay exchange rate how do I do it? Do I need to have physical cards for it or is possible to do thru the app?

Sorry if the questions were asked before but I am a new user so trying to figure it out.
Thank you in advance!


  1. I am not sure because I only received refund in USD but it has been in the USD account.
  2. Yes it’s the same IBAN and Bic, you can do it by exchanging money between your account. Comment puis-je convertir de l’argent ? | Support Clientèle Revolut | Revolut FR
  3. I usually just select the account of the money I want to pay with and then just pay by card. You can use apple pay google pay no need for physical card.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the new topic button either!
I need to receive a payment in USD from Uruguay. Can I receive this in my Revolut account as long as I send them my USD IBAN and BIC? They are paying me for freelance work through a bank transfer.
I am new using Revolut and I’m still confused at the moment…
I’d really appreciate some help.


Here’s something to keep in mind. Payments by clients for work are considered business transactions. The personal Revolut account is for personal transactions only. If you haven’t yet, you might want to consider opening a Revolut Business account. (Using the personal account for business is a breach of T&Cs and might resolut in Revolut closing your account).

Regarding international transfers: check the FAQs, most questions about this are answered there.

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