If I receive USD will it automatically convert to my default currency?


If I send USD to my card via a swift payment will it be credited as USD or converted to my default currency of GBP? I have a USD account on Revolut so I assume it would just go in there?

If it does go in the USD account I would then like to send a payment of USD elsewhere so I won’t be requesting to convert currency.

Are there any charges for this if I do a lot of it in a short period? For instance fair usage charges.



Hey @YoghurtTree :slight_smile:

It will be credited as the currency it was sent in :wink:

You can find the fair usage terms here:


It depends on which account details one uses for the transfer. Always use the right details depending on the currency you’re going to transfer into your Revolut wallets. Every currency has a different dedicated IBAN. More about this in the FAQs :wink:


Brilliant thanks both of you for your help :slight_smile: