identity verified but account locked


I have made an account, topped my account, paid for premium and made a card order.
After that I have sent my ID and selfie photo.
A few minutes after I have sent my documents, I received an SMS that my identity was successfully verified, but in the same time I got a notification from the app that my account was locked.
In the app there was an option to also verify the bank account with the code from the latest transaction, I also did that.
What can I do now ? Account is still locked, and talking to Rita does not help at all…


Rita = bot… have you entered “Live agent”? Although talking to a live agent also feels like talking to a bot. :slight_smile: Good Luck.


I don’t see any option for talking to a live agent. I just have a link to chat to support, and it goes directly to the bot.


What link?

In the App: More -> Help -> Chat to us: Describe you problem, you’ll receive a reply. Then enter “Live agent”

Does not work? What exactly do you see?


I was redirected to a live agent that just said I will be referred to the relevant team…
I really don’t get what is wrong.


There is no More/Help/anything, just a screen with “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons” and a button with “Chat with Support”.
I told Rita I need to talk to a live agent, and I was redirected.


Hey @ermethic :slight_smile:

You’re in a virtual queue and probably will not receive any answer from Rita or an agent until someone is assigned to your case :wink:

If you want :r: to speed this up for you you might want to consider getting in touch with them through Twitter:


I don’t know how this can happen, to be honest. I did everything by the book, even paid for premium support, uploaded everything they asked.
Now neither the bot nor live support is answering.
I left a message to let me know what I can do do cancel my subscription and withdraw my funds which are now blocked for no reason.
To be honest it feels like a scam.


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.


thank you very much, a live agent finally resolved this.

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