Identity Verification taking ages

Hello there, I can see some people are having the same problem as me, after sending all the documents that have been asked I’m still waiting to get my account activated. How long will it take? Some members are waiting for two weeks, I will need to start using my account next week. Got no answer whatsoever on app chat and I don’t have no Facebook or Tweeter, can I get any help please?


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All sorted, thank you !!

Dear Team,

I have the same issue here.
All documents are uploaded 4 days ago.

Can you help me in accelerating the verification please?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Its taking a lot of time for identity verification I dont know what to do.


Hi. I am waiting for Identity verification for 3 days now. I did all requested. I wonder if I missed/forgot something? How long will it take more?

Thank you.

I set up an account a couple of months ago. Never uploaded anything. When I went back into my account it will not let me by the verification screen I tried everything on the screen. Who can I get in contact with to reset my account?