Identity Verification process

I’ve just signed up for a new card, deposited £10, as that was the minimum amount, this was reverted so I deposited another £10, which seems to have been accepted. I queried this with an advisor, Rita, then to be told they’d be back in touch in 10 hours. Why have a ‘live chat’ support option when this isn’t offered out if hours?

I also took a photo of my UK passport and a selfie for account verification, the app says the documents will be reviewed within 10 minutes, 2 hours later it still says the same. First experiences count a lot and mine has been poor to say the least. I travel in 3 weeks and applied for the card in the recommendation of Money Saving Expert, should I not get a satisfactory response tomorrow I will be posting negative comments on that site and also on social media

Wouldnt it be easier to simply stop using the service, if it does not match your needs, than to make a fuss about nothing?

You topped up your account with ten pounds and that worked, then you verified your account and that takes some time. What is the actual issue?

With your expectations, my recommendation would be to finalise the verification, use the money you topped up and forget about Revolut.

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Assuming you did some more research other than Martin Lewis site?
You would see that although :r: is a fantastic service that generally works without issue, it does have some teething issues and notoriously slow customer service.
If your not prepared to wait several hours to get your account verified before throwing around negative review comments then it’s doubtful you will enjoy using the service.
No excuse but yesterday must have been a nightmare day for the finance industry with card Visa and MasterCard failures all over Europe. Doubtful you would have got a better response from any other providers.

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