Identity verification problem



I have created my account a few days ago and I have topped up 10€ to order my card. I received it this week and tried to activate it yesterday. However, I was first asked to top up my account again with 10€, then to verify my identity.
Unfortunately, because I’m a non-EU citizen, I was asked to provide my residency card, which was stolen from me a few days ago. It will take weeks before I get a new one.
I tried to transfer my money back to my bank but I was asked to verify my identity as well.

So I want you please to return my 20€ to the original source. When I’ll fix my problems, I’ll be happy to come back to Revolut.

Thank you.


I guess any copy of a residence permit should suffice.


I cannot provide it, please just give me my money back for now.

Thank you.


How come? The responsible authority would only need to hand you a copy - thats a matter of a few hours max.

You would need to contact support for that - though I wonder why you worry about 20 euro temporarily being in your account when you will use it later anyhow. It is not like your money will disappear.

Or is it that you dont have such a document at all and are not eligible for the service?


Indeed I’m not eligible, sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey. I’ve replied to your direct message :slight_smile: