Identity Verification Problem...


Hi in the same boat!!! Now 4 days and no response from online support!!!


@AndreasK I am afraid it is not reslved yet Andreas . When I try to make a payment to Coibase I get the same message: “you profile documents are being reviewed…” About 30 hours now stuck on verification.


Absolutely the same problem … i’ve got money in the app but can’t use them due to the slow verification…


Hello, I am also waiting for my documents to be verified. It has been 2 days now and I have tried messaging Revolut through the app but have received no response.


Could you please upload unscanned photos of your passport?


Look like you’ve managed to verified your account!


Hi there,

I’m facing the same problems as others. My verification process has been stucked for months and i can’t use the money i have on my account. I have tried to reach the in-app support, no answer.
Please help me, i want my money back.


Please upload original photos and not scanned ones.


Day 6 and no response from online chat! Wages still not cleared have loaded all documentation and have emailed feedback, two more days for a reply, let’s see if that’s true!! Prove me wrong revolut!!!


Hi am facing this issue. Documents uploaded in pending and no feedback from support. Hoping to have this sorted before the weekend. I paid express delivery of the card, will this arrive as expected or has it so been paused?


Can you please help me with speeding up verification of my ID. I tried talking to in-app support but not getting any replies. I signed up three days ago thank you


Hello, I am having verification problem too. Contacted to in app support, but did not get answer.


Further to your request please see below my telephone number to which my account associated with

Kindly help me with clearing ID verification



Hi Andreas, I send my documentation for validation last week but still waiting for it to be authorized. Can you maybe assist?


Hi all. I’ve forwarded your queries to our compliance team, an agent will get in touch with you shortly.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Hi, I sent my documents as well and now I’m waiting for days.


An agent will contact you via in-app chat shortly. Thanks for you patience.


Hi I have the same issue. I have not been able to use my account for two weeks now. It’s been three days i have non answer from thé assistance chat. Can you help me to verify my identity ? I would like to retry with a more recent ID. Thanks !



I believe in Startups but also I believe in smart and professional organisation.
Indeed, I am a new customer as a friend told me all about you, I did some research and was convince about this new APP.
Now since I transfered 244 eur and Revolut charged me 4.17eur straight away.
My account is block for security reason and I cannot verify my Revolut card that I have paid 6 eur to be send to me.
I have contacted the customer service but then never replied back to me.
What is going on ?? Please care about you new customers as they are the ones who are making you grow.
Please do care… as I am just now in the logic to close my account…


Hello. I am trying to verify my account, I send copy of my ID twice and Driving license 1 time plus my face, I live in Cyprus but my documents are Slovakian, so is that a problem? I can send to you my Cyprus residence permit, or Utility bill if you want, but there is no option where to send it, I contacted support no answer, my card is ordered and I want my account verified, as I will traval and need to use your card, thank you for reply.