Identity Verification Problem...


I have the same problem. My verification process has already taken 5-6 hours and seems to be stuck. How can we resolve it?

Thanks in advance



I have the same problem. Uploaded my documents but the app keeps saying that it is verifying. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I’m afraid I’m in this situation as well, and I haven’t got any response from the in-app support, so I’d be very grateful if the Revolut team helped solving this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Good evening

I am waiting for 3 days now to verify the account. I uploaded the documents and the only thing i get is the verification pending message. A friend recommended revolut but up to now it has been a waste of time (spent mote than 3 hours reinstalling and altering settings) and a waste of 10 euros…
Pitty since i wanted to do much with the card

Can someone help? I did not get a single reply from the support team



Hello, I am having the same issue, and my money is stuck which I am in an emergency to use them, please help! Worse of all, I have used in-app support to contact, but there is no reply…


My app in mobile closes every time when I try to verify my account. My card is declined and cant use it or send my money, I cant do anything because of verify my account. could you do it manually somehow?.


i have been waiting almost 3 hours now for my ID to be verified i dont know how much clearer i can make the picture i used the same pictures for coinbase, gatehub, and cryptonator and they all accepted it within minutes but for some reason it seems to me like you guys want a proffesional photographer to come over and do a photo shoot of me holding my ID, even if i did do that you’ll still deny. whats going on can i please have some assistance i feel like i’ve wasted £200 down the drain at this moment. i am begging you just please solve my issue


Hey @AshrafMalik :slight_smile:

Not only your identity is being verified, but probably also if :r: can provide service to you according to their TOS or some other background checks. The verification process is normally really fast (under 5 minutes, from my experience), but if your case requires further analysis, it might take up to a few days to be processed :wink:

This is not an unreasonable timeframe, but if you’re in a hurry, asking :r: through Twitter is said to speed things up:


thanks for that info, you dont know how relieving that is to hear.


i dm’d on twitter and no response please can someone from image assist me as soon as they read this


I am still waiting for my account to be verified after 24 hours! All I want is to get my £50 back out of my account so I can delete this app! Poor customer service, they don’t even answer their in-app customer support chat! Needs fixing ASAP.


@AndreasK Need help Asap


Hey there @AshrafMalik :slight_smile:

It’s around 1-3 AM. They’re not operative now, they’ll probably answer you tomorrow. Relax :wink:



I’ve upoaded documents few days ago, but the verification process is still ongoing. Is anything wrong with uploaded documents quality (I can not reload them) or is it just the waiting line and it takes much more than 10 minutes?

Thank you for your answer.


We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.


Hi, I have the same issue, I submitted my verification documents on 7 Jaunary 2018 and still not verified. Since that day I am also unable to get support, I write everyday but no answers yet…
please help!


Hi to all the the team Revolut. I’m here because i’ve uploaded the recto of my ID national card succefully, but, since yesterday i’ve no feedback, it’s still in treatment telling me that it will take few minutes. I left a message with all the détails of my issue on the support chat but no one answers. This is why i try by this way.

If i can do something more to help you to verify mi ID, please let me know!

Best regards.


Hello Andreas

I am having a similar problem and no one is answering my messages in chat. Is there anyway this can get verified so I can pay a few bills. Thank you so much.


Hi all,
I have been stuck in verification mode too for the past 24hrs. Probably after uploading some documents which were not very clear.
Can anyone @AndreasK please assist asap? I am suprised this bug has still not bbeen fixed after years .
I have also tried the support chat but not getting any reply there. Thanks.


Hello, I seem to have the same problem, i have messeged the support in the in-app chat, too :confused: could you help me? Thanks :slight_smile: