Identity verification problem due to changing phone number.

Hi there.

I’ve been travelling abroad for the last two months visiting differente countries and using revolut and changing the phone number in every country cause I was using local sim cards.

Now that I’m back to England and using my British phone number I’'m trying to use Revolut but I’m asked to introduce the last phone number I used to work with the app.

Sο surprise! I don’t remember it because I got rid of the sim cards when left the countries.

The thing is that I cant acces to the chat on the app to ask for help.

Any ideas about how I can solve this horrible situation?

thank you so much in advance.

Contact them on Twitter

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Thank you so much Daidai.

After a couple of hours of verifications I made it.

I’ve found having a dual sim phone invaluable when travelling. Always have my Three sim in one slot and the overseas sim in the other. Works a treat.

Especially when the banks send you OTA codes. Sometimes a 3rd sim is needed! Had an issue with one bank that would only seem to work with Virgin sim and not Three!!