Identity verification fault


I downloaded the app and applied for the card, which I understand is its way to me. However, in going through the process on my iPhone, I thought it a very good idea to click the Verify Identity button for topping up. However, since doing so, anything - anything - I do on my phone now cuts out every 60 seconds or so and I have to Touch ID to continue … but it opens at the home page so I have to start again and hope I can complete what I’m doing within a minute! Very, very annoying and frustrating. PLEASE HELP!!!


Best to reply by email as response on my phone will cut out!


Hi there.

As I can see your account has been verified. Some UK users won’t need to verify their identity, as we’ll do it electronically behind the scenes.


Thank you for your reply. So how can I resolve the problem of cutting out and demanding Touch ID every minute? It has only happened since I clicked on that button.

If I delete the app and download it again without clicking on the verify identity will that work…… but will it send a another card to me? I only want one!



Barbara, could you please drop me a direct message?


Thank you, Andreas. Please could you let me know how you would like me to do this. I can’t use my iPhone for SMS or any other means of communication because of the cutting out every 60 seconds.



I’ll send you a DM right now. No worries.


What is the app that I need to open a DM? Can’t see anything that that has a notification waiting.
Sorry to seem ignorant - retired now but in earlier years worked for some time in IT building a platform but technology is moving toooooooo fast for me to keep up!



No :slight_smile: Check your inbox here!


Whoops! Sorry. I presume that’s the Visit Topic hyperlink? But that takes me on to this conversation and a list of possible bugs that don’t include the issue that I have!

I just want my ‘phone back to normal!!