Identity verification delay after card is received

Hi, I just got my card and I have to activate it.
To do this, I have to verify my identity which normally would not be a problem.
However, I just moved to another country (the reason why I’m trying Revolut) and I’m in the process of getting a new ID card in the destination country. I would like to use this new ID to verify my identity.
So here is the question: does anyone know if there is some kind of time limit requirement to activate the card / verify your identity? For example, if I wait one month after receiving the card, will this card expire because I did not validate my identity? Is there some kind of acceptable delay?
Thank you in advance for all your replies :slight_smile:!

I am not aware of a limit here. I haven’t read in this forum that a customer was reporting this. But you won’t be able to transfer funds out of Revolut until ID verification, I believe.

If your current ID is also issued within the EEA, you could use this now and change the address later with your new ID.

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From what I read in the forum, you can’t change your country easily (even when moving from EU to EU) so that’s why I would prefer to verify my identity with the destination ID… unless it creates a problem with the card (expiration or similar).

Well, it’s quite easy if you have a proof of address. And an ID card showing an address makes it really easy. After verification, the address can’t be changed by oneself from within the app, but providing support with all necessary documents (new ID, proof of address) is also not awfully complicated.

Maybe so and maybe that’s what I end up doing in the end. Thank you for the suggestion.
Still, I will hold out for a few days, just in case someone knows about any time limits, existing or not.

You could ask support from within the app.

I was hoping that it’s a common problem and someone would quickly clarify this for me. :sweat_smile:
The support is not so responsive. I guess they have to deal with more important or more pressing issues than my question. :relaxed:

Well, you’re the first asking this since 2015, as far as I am aware :sweat_smile:. You could try Twitter / Facebook.

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This is the reply I got from the service desk:

Your card will not expire, but obviously you will not be able to use it.

So good news.

PS: Thanks @Frank for offering an alternative solution to my issue.

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