Identity re-check (out of the blue)


I have a Revolut account almost since the bank went public and I successfully completed my identity check when I opened my account.
Now, all of a sudden, when I open the app I’m asked to re-check again my account.
There must be definitely a mistake. I logged out and logged but the problem was not solved.
I wrote about the issue on the chat and I wanted to get in contact with a live person but I’ve got an auto-reply that I will get an answer in… 6h :hushed:
Eventually I was contacted by a live person on the app’s chat but she said that I have to go again through the identification process without giving me any reasonable explanation and that I have to wait for someone to initiate the identification process, but this will take a while. I waited half an hour and as nobody showed up I gave up as I had to go.
I tried to post a topic about the problem on the forum, but so far it didn’t show up.
I wrote a message to one of the moderators but I still didn’t get a reply.
So I just want to know what’s happening and to get my verified status back.


It will probably be easier and quicker to redo the identification process no?


They should give me a good reason for why I need to go through this. Plus for the re-checking you should just wait and wait in front of the phone. Plus this could happen over and over in the future.


Possibly, but I still have to agree with this


Easier than what? Wouldn’t just be easier if Revolut restores the verified status as they created the problem?


I agree, it’s Revolut’s fault but you are going to spend a of time and humour on this…


Better like this than staring for god knows how long at my phone screen till a cs rep will take care of the problem.


Because I’m in the middle of changing phones I have the Revolut app on both (same account). Out of the blue I also received a message to verify my identity on my old phone with no ability to do anything else other than to comply. However, the request to verify my identity did not appear on my new phone so I continued to use it without this problem. I now see that the request to verify my identity has now disappeared from my old phone and I am now able to use it without restriction. Make of it what you will.


(Un)fortunately they have the rights to do that as per KYC. Could you please look into this @AndreasK ?
Like is there a way to get back the selfie+ ID option on his phone somehow, so he doesn’t have to wait hours for a verifying representative ?


Thank you. This would be nice.


Anyhow, I wait as well for a reasonable explanation of why all this happened.


I had another chat with a cs rep. He asked my if I changed the phone#, then the name on card and to send him a picture with the card with the number covered except for the last 4 digits. I did that but the cs rep still told me that I still need to send a picture with me holding my ID card near to my face. When I asked why he reply that due to the sensitive nature of Revolut work and to the fact that I did my identity check long time ago (2 and a half years), I have to do this recheck again.
That’s kind of annoying. Revolut are you turning into GESTAPO?
I’m curious how many from the Revoulut customers had to do this identity re-check and how often.
The cs rep said there is a system that is choosing who will have to do the re-check of the identity, but he doens’t want to do give the details about which criteria are used by the system.


I’m really curios how many customers had a second identity check

  • I had to go to an identity re-check (after the initial check)
  • I had only one identity check

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I guess that number will only be meaningful if every participant has been with Revolut 2.5 years as well. Someone who signed up two months ago will hardly have gone through two such checks already.


The cs rep said there is no guaranty on how frequent the id re-check will happen again.


It still wont happen every couple of weeks. There must be some time in-between.


Alessandro, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like to have an identity check every couple of weeks.


I agree, I wouldnt want it every couple of months either :slight_smile:

I generally wonder what happens if one doesnt have a valid document at that point? Would he have to close his account? Really?

@AndreasK, can you shed some light here? What is the official policy when a customer is asked to re-verify but does not have an ID? Account is going to be closed?


Indeed. What if you are abroad and you don’t have the ID with you.


I couldn’t care how often it happens (within reason of course, and providing a day or so is allowed for responding)