Ideas- how to make DCC neutralised

With vaults that should not be necessary, as these funds should never be touched and if you only have your target currency in liquid funds (= not in vaults) it should actually work like envisioned.

That being said, of course it would be still nice if Revolut could add a feature to block transactions in different currencies.

Ahhhhhhh… but (lol)

If you have any liquid fund and a transaction comes in a different currency, then at this time… Revolut converts that transaction into what every currency you have available automatically.

So the vault protection is only half of the fix, as it still requires action / non action by Revolut to block the request… auto conversion is badddddddddddddd

In my case I would want to block any GBP whilst I was travelling out side of the UK

That is why you would need to make sure to have all your funds in vaults expect for the target currency.

It is not the most elegant solution but would work out-of-the-box until Revolut finally tells us to get lost :laughing:

Deleted for clarity twenty

I am sorry, you are absolutely right and it was not your explanation that failed here but me :blush:

Seems DCC got me this time too :wink:

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So the next problem is how ask and to define what feature is required to Revolut

I’m now confusing myself :roll_eyes:

:slight_smile: It can quickly become a confusing topic.

I guess the eventual goal would be to decline all transactions which do not fit a pre-determined currency pattern. So e.g. if you go to Spain any non-euro charges should be declined. How that pattern is defined and who defines it is a different subject :slight_smile:

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Actually- it should’ve been that. Unfortunately many merchants don’t ask you about it but just confirm it on behalf of you…

One possible option would be “Only allow transactions in the local currency”, given Revolut can determine the local currency of a transaction and there cant be any exceptions.

Something less automated could be giving the user the choice to black- or whitelist currencies.

Thats what I wrote, but it is still voluntary. The fact the merchant doesnt even care to ask is a different issue but doesnt make DCC mandatory.

Yes, that’s why many of us are trying to invent solution.
I have to say that my solution isn’t easy to make it up, but it doesn’t mean- impossible :wink:
And this, merchant’s, behaviour makes DCC fraudulent…

Prepaid Mastercard DCC removed.from today

Wonder if this will work with :r:

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By the way, there actually is one bullet-proof way to block DCC. For example, if you like to pay 50 Euros and are worried about GBP+DCC, just go to your card settings and set the card limit to the currently spent amount plus 50 Euro. Then a DCC transaction will definitely be rejected (oh, of course, except for if it is free I guess :joy:). Of course this isn’t a scalable solution and gets super annoying if foreign currencies are involved, but I would do exactly that if I were to buy something expensive in one of these DCC-plagued countries.

This would by the way also be an option for Revolut to support their customers. Why not add a button “plan transaction” where you enter an amount and Revolut will only accept transactions for exactly that amount. Would be something like a “reversed 3DS”…


It’s not true.
I was in Poland a month and I was getting often questions about the DCC. I use a Mastercard.