Ideas- how to make DCC neutralised

There was in Poland bank which issued (maybe still issues) cards with LCD. This was mounted in place where usually is CVV. Doing this bank made CVV variable.
I believe that LCD in place where usually card’s number is would prevent DCC. Of course this number should change automatically if you change country (at the beginning it should be manageable from the app :wink:), but I think it would be great :joy:.

Another possibility- virtual card issued in country where you want to pay, linked to Google Pay/ Apple Pay

Simple option in app to allow block any transactions which is not in your choosen currency would also do the trick. It has been discussed in other thread(s).


Hmm, could you explain what exactly you mean? How is the CVV related to DCC?

The bit moon mentioned is actually what I suggested about two months ago. Block charges that do not fit a certain currency criteria or the currency of the country where you are.

No, no, I wanted to say that it is possible to place LCD on credit card. That bank used it to change CVV, and I went ahead- LCD with card number :wink: (not LCD but e-ink probably)

I got that bit :slight_smile: but you were saying that could prevent DCC and I cant imagine how it should be able to do so, hence the question :slight_smile:

I’ll try to describe :grinning:
Let’s say that I’m in Poland. In this time I have Polish BIN, then I am going to Spain and I have Spanish BIN. DCC have no chance :wink:

Okay, now I understand what you mean. But that would not be the CVV (the three digits on the back) but card number. What you are suggesting is the ability to switch card numbers dynamically, right?

Yes, exactly, indeed :grin:

That would be certainly an option, but I am not sure what the administrative effort would be for Revolut to issue country-specific numbers. Blocking charges in a certain currency might be the less elegant solution but easier to implement - should Revolut ever do it in the first place :wink:

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do you mean something like the FUZE-card? (several cards on one, switchable with e-ink-screen?)

It can be, but not in the “Curve” meaning (one physical card with a few linked behind the scenes).
I mean one physical card with its number displayed on it.
When you change country-this number changes (automatically or by your own in the app)

good idea, but i don’t think this would be practical - you’d need numbers from several card-issuers around the world to do so…

@moon 's idea makes more sense and is easier to implement…

For me it is easy, because during traditional shopping I don’t care how the card’s number looks like :grin:, I want only omit DCC :wink:
In case of online shopping- usually you’re providing card’s data ones only, then you don’t have to look on it :wink:

curve will offer domestic -polish cards.

Thanks for your message - we’ve looked into this and can see Euronet have applied fees for non domestic cards - because Curve is a UK domestic card, this explains why your Curve card may have incurred fees if used with their ATMs. We have been working on providing our Polish customers with domestic cards and we’re almost ready!

This should help this issue. We will be in touch as soon as we have news on this


i get that. but you don’t seem to understand that it’s not just “a number”, the card-number contains identification for the card-issuer. you can’t change that without having agreements with several card-issuers. in the end, a changeable card-number would mean to have a card from each of the issuers… essentially, you’d end up with a fuze-card with several mastercards behind it…

not practical - and remember: rating-companys consider EACH card you have (debit, prepaid, credit doesn’t matter) as bad for your credit-scoring.

better to do it “behind the scenes” with a software-filter denying cardpayments in foreign languages, IF the user activated that option…

I do understand it :grin:.
I know that the best idea is just to force cards companies to make DCC voluntary, manageable by bank’s app. But you know- neither Via nor MasterCard and any other cards organisation don’t want to offer this :wink:

The thing is, DCC is voluntary. That still doesnt stop people from choosing it though. Either because they dont know what it is and simply hit “continue” or because the merchant is “kind” enough to select it on their behalf.

If Revolut wanted they could probably easily fix that by blocking transactions not adhering to a certain currency pattern.

That solution could potentially bear the risk of making customers unhappy when their transactions get suddenly blocked (even though they have enough funds) - and I dont want to imagine all the “outrage” on the forum here :wink: - but as long as that block is optional and disabled by default I’d hope that the number of people who enable it and are surprised when transactions fail would be relatively low :slight_smile:

Yes… that would work, the user could put ever other currency in the vault and Revolut only allow transactions in the currency thats left as being valid.

Thus a declined transaction (in a non valid currency) would be on purpose by the user, and not come as a supprise

Actually thats a good point. Until Revolut finally implements that feature (or probably rather not implement it :wink: ) vaults might serve as a nice workaround.

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As I understand it (at this time) we would still require / rely upon Revolut to decline the transaction rather than do any converting of funds, so a ‘Don’t Convert Any FX Transactions’ feature would still need them to implement ?