[Idea] Use Revolut App to pay on NFC Terminals


Since Android Pay/Apple Pay are not yet implemented, because it involves adding revolut card to Apple/Android app and meeting their requirements, why not allow the Revolut App to directly pay using our NFC capabilities?

Example: on android, there is an app called SEQR that allows us to pay using that app (it’s not android pay) and then, using direct debit SEPA, it then takes the money from our bank account.

So, if SEQR can use NFC to pay on terminals, maybe it’s easier to Revolut implement on their on app “tap & pay” and, using our phone’s NFC, pay using our Revolut funds.

It seams easier since it depends only on revolut app, and not on third party apps like Android/Apple pay.


It is good idea, you meant about HCE - Host Card Emulator in the app. It would be great, but in my opinion, Android Pay is better solution. I’ve tried a few bank apps with their own HCE technology (PKO BP, ING PL) and always there was some problems, witch was not present using Android Pay.


Yes, indeed, Android Pay would be a better option, but the app is not available in a lot of countries where we use Revolut (example, in Portugal, I cannot install Android Pay).

Using HCE, would not have this limitation.
Android Pay VS HCE

  • Android Pay is better, but more difficult to implement and not available on a lot of countries;
  • HCE is easier to implement, and would be available worldwide.

I’ve been testing SEQR for two weeks and worked on every NFC terminal I’ve tried so far.


Millenium worked flawlessly :sunglasses:


When I was using IKO (pko bp) I had many issues when paying more than 50 PLN (entering pin in app) and when I was paying on a few old readers, the first what was supporting pay pass / pay wave (eg. in Stokrotka stores)


Try move to BZWBK. There work both: HCE and Android Pay. Both work flawlessly. He’s advantage: gives possibility to use virtual card by the phone (I mean: you don’t have plastic card at all but you can pay using HCE)


HCE all the way. Why complicate things with android pay? I would really start to question the decision making process at revolut if they ignore a quick and easy solution in favour of the corrupt Android Pay solution which is a walled garden and stops working in some places. HCE doesn’t. At least if revolut drops the ball on this there will quickly be a challenger bank that i can switch to in order to avoid Android Pay. The future of banking is bright, the question is will Revolut have any part of it or are they too enslaved by the incumbent powers. Signed, someone who has escaped the google prison and ain’t going back! Much love people


Well it’s not a bad idea… Android Pay and Apple Pay require a percentage of the transactions to go to them, so this wouldn’t be a bad idea. Although this would not work for iOS devices.


I moved from Leupay due to very poor Customer service to Revolut. Fantastic app and services but very disappointed that it does not have mobile tap & pay, i got used to the feature on Leupay and must say a bit disappointed. When will this be implemented, please ?


I am interested in this feature too!

Postfinance in Switzerland has a great implementation of this as well.


Info for anyone thinking of using SEQR, renamed Glase. The company ceased the service last month as they couldn’t raise financial backing.