Idea to reduce support waiting time


Lately support is always complaining about the large number of requests and stating that as a valid reason for ridiculous waiting times.

Apparently Revolut thinks it’s perfectly normal to complain about having customers instead of hiring more support staff so I have 2 suggestions to solve this problem very quickly:

  1. Fire all the staff that is constantly chit-chatting, twitting, facebooking, instagraming and other social media spammers, and hire support staff to address the urgent issues of your current customers. Or instead of firing and re-hiring you can just convert the staff. It’s not like the current support staff is highly trained anyway. If you already have more customers than you can handle, why do you keep spamming? Do you want to have the chance to annoy even more people? Do you want to have even longer reply times? It makes no sense! Stop spamming and start addressing urgent issues in proper time!

  2. Stop sucking at what you do! On the first month I used revolut it was a good app because support only intervened when asked. I was able to max my account without any problem. Now support is blocking accounts every time someones farts. Stop pretending you know what you are doing and let people use the app. Intervene only when you are asked to and you’ll see everything will be easier and support requests will reduce and therefore waiting time will also reduce.

  1. Staff which chit chat, Facebook, Instagram and twitter are useful and part of another department (called PR and advertising) and has nothing to do with support (tho they offer/ redirect DMs to support). And we all know, advertising is the soul of sales. Advertising is one of the most important department of a service/ product and can’t be denied.

  2. The only thing :r: can do is to increase the number of support employee (and seems they’re doing this in recent months). Not converting others. Not making multi functional people.

Ps. I do work in PR and advertising and I can say, is the most powerful thing in sales on social media.
And Revolut has some awesome PRs with a good taste of humor :laughing: this makes me happy as customer of their service:)



They have my money and are earning interest without my consent.

Even if I had the money to spare, and I don’t, I’d like to give it to someone else.

I already ask them to transfer the money to another account and gave them the account details more than once. After transferring the money they can have all the time they want!



PR and advertising are of the utmost importance to attract more customers.

Revolut seems to have too many customers already since they can’t give proper support to all of them and clearly are not interested in hiring more staff.

Waiting times are just ridiculous…


Well. With this I do kinda agree. 1.5M is something …
I never had a problem with them or support, hope will stay like this.
Yes they should improve this but as I said, they already done it (little by little)
I’d love a phone line … :thinking:


I was hoping to get to read some constructive ideas how Revolut could tackle their issue with an - apparently - overwhelmed support. Unfortunately I got a rant …

I am not sure what you mean by “without your consent” but I’d assume your money is locked in your Revolut account and you need to wait for some verification. If this is the case I can understand the frustration and that is exactly where Revolut needs to improve their game IMHO but a simple rant wont probably help either.


Unfortunately not really for certain scenarios … Revolut is sort of unique in many ways


The suckness of the so-called support is quite unique, I reckon that.