Idea for improvement - Saved fees simulator

Hello to the community,

Living in Switzerland and travelling a lot in Europe, I am grateful that Revolut makes me save a lot of bank fees.

Just for myself or when I speak with other about Revolut, it would be cool to have a feature in the app showing the savings you made using revolut (optional and for information only).

The user should fill some details:

  • the % fees paid to the bank in case of withdrawal (e.g. 1.75% minimum CHF 2)
  • the flat fee paid to the bank when withdrawal in other currency (e.g. CHF 5)
  • the % fees paid when paying with the card abroad (e.g. 1.75% minimum CHF 2)
  • Usual spread between the rate the bank usually applied vs. the revolut rate (e.g. 12 bps)

The app would then show the saving made from the beginning, last year/month.

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