Idea #1003 Support switch service(overstapservice) for :Netherlands:

Currently Revolut issues Dutch IBAN accounts and has between 600K and 800K users in The Netherlands.

Many users that consider in :netherlands: to switch to Revolut would think twice of this choice as it is always a lot of effort to get all your SEPA direct debits and your income/tax refund set on Revolut.

In The Netherlands most banks are offering the overstapservice (switch service) which automatically reroute your payments from your old Dutch bank account to your new account for 13 months. This is especially a very convenient solution as it makes your switch easy without too much hassle, the only efforts a customer needs to do is inform the parties that give you money (such as employer and tax office) to register the new IBAN and thats all.

It would be a great addition for Revolut to implement this too.


Hello @Youssf :wave: ,

Thank you for letting us know about it. It gives us insight into what our users are expecting from us. We’ll definitely share this with our team for future planning. Keep an eye out for any upcoming updates! :rocket:

SG | Community Team