idea #1002 Support iDIN in NL

Hello Revolut team (and my fellow Dutch users).

In The Netherlands we have an online verification tool which is called iDIN this means literally Identificate(iDentificeren) and log in (INloggen).

This tools helps Dutch people to log in through a secured bank log in to get access to their Credithistory (BKR), some insurance companies and employers and other places.

A few years ago this was something very rare to see, but currently more companies and insurances start to support this verification method to give access and it would be great if Revolut offers this too to make Dutch consumers able to switch fully to :r: without the need of a second bank to keep next to it so people can fully use Revolut.

I do believe that this tool is more important then supporting local IBANS here in The Netherlands.


Hello @Youssf :wave: Welcome to the :r: Community.

Thank you so much for your amazing suggestion. You know that at Revolut we are always trying to improve our products, so stay tuned! :smiling_face:

Veda | Community team

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