ID verification problem

Hello, although I sent my ID card in the past and was verified, I was asked in app, to re-send it . I did, several times, the photos seem ok but it won’t work, I always get an answer to try again, Can you please examine my account?

The verification process is really bad other apps allow you do it by email
Whilst Revolut customer support has refused me this option several time.
I also don’t want to verify with my national ID as Revolut is bad at handling GDPR best practises and have data security issues when it comes to storing our personal data. As their main interest is remaining compliance towards banks and tax authorirty rather than minding their consumers privacy. Over the years I have already done two verification, and I’m forced to do new ones just because of my passport expiring. Many people in Sweden since we have 5yr lifetime on our passports wait to do a new passport but this would be a problem with Revolut since we are not to have intermittent time between passports.

I created an account when I was 17 yet I couldn’t use it so I left it till I turned 18, I turned 18 last week and now it won’t let me verify my age. Can you help?

I was asked to verify ID I got a reply back that the verification failed and need to do it again. But every time i open the app its stuck at the 60% verification screen with no way to resubmit. The only 2 options to contact support is ring a number(I can’t as i currently can’t make calls) or use the in-app support(obviously can’t when I cant access the account). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did they resolve the problem? I have the same one.

Unfortunately I can do nothing…

I cannot interact with the app since the moment I start it, the blue screen that I mentioned, appears. There is not any action I can take.

So, I guess just waiting…

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Happy premium user for 2 years here. But I won’t be for very long anymore after now sending my perfectly valid Finnish national ID card 3 times already and getting notification to do it again!

When activating my account this same process was incredibly smooth. I have a strong feeling that Revolut is losing the edge it once had.

I will not be transferring any funds to this kind of account anymore. Have done so for 10keur plus maybe 20. You have couple of weeks time to fix the id process or you will lose a lot of customers.

It is actually very hilarious that the Revolut app for long has stated to give the IBAN details to your employer to get salaries paid directly to Revolut. Now that would have been the biggest mistake ever because the SAME APP now threatens to close access because non valid id. It is valid, 100% valid. You have some issues in your company.

I sent already 6x my ID to verification. I got email replas after first 2 that the verification failed, then nothing… The app still asks for verification. What can I do to understand where is the problem with my ID?

I’m having trouble with verification as well. The only screen that opens up for me now when I launch the Revolut app is asking me to provide "Proof of Residency: Prove you live in Germany. "

I am an American passport holder and have a long-stay Schengen visa issued by Estonia.

When I first signed up for Revolut I was living with a friend in Germany, I entered her mailing address as a shipping address for the card. But I don’t live in Germany at the moment, I have an Estonian address as well as a Italian address.

How can I best approach the ID verification process and regain access into my account?

I have already sent some money to my Revolut account (for some reason I was able to do that at one point, but now whenever I launch the app it just lands on the verification page and I"m stuck) . I would like to be able to open the account and gain access to this. Can anyone advise how best to move forward? Thanks

Sub-topic: Id verification of an e-resident / Adding a team member who is E-resident in Estonia, to a valid Revolut Business Account

I would like to give some information first before the actual question:

  • The aforementioned business is registered in the UK and the business owner is a resident. Setting up a business account was not the problem
  • I, personally, act as an honorary advisor to the business owner, support operations remotely and act as a team member. I am a citizen of Turkey, living in Turkey and do not have a visa or residence permit in a country in the EEA region. Though, adding myself as a team member to the business account was not a problem either.
  • The business owner had wanted to provide me with a virtual card (as well as a pyhsical one) for me to manage certain finance items and procurement decisions. This, we were unable to do as it turns out to be the case that an ID verification was required for the business team member and as I have stated above I do not have a residence or visa for an EEA country.
  • So there comes my question and thanks in advance for your kind support; Will I be eligible to verify my ID and have access to a business credit/debit card if I had e-residency in Estonia ?

Hi guys, have serious problem. My app been uninstalled from my phone accidentally and when i installed back, going through verification process and every time i go to email to authentificate it brings me back to entering phone number and going through same over and over again. Have lot of funds there and need to put to work asap. Thanks

Hi, I’m also having trouble to verify my ID,

I’m Portuguese living in UK, and the only options on the app is to upload UK passport or UK driving license, That I dont have, as I am Portuguese.
Also the chat has not been available for a few hours. I was just able to have the bot talking to me and I was left on hold now waiting for any available agent.
Anyone else experiencing the same?