ID verification problem

Hi! I have an issue with verifying my id. I’m not able to login to the app, so this makes the verification impossible, thanks.

I have the same issue, and revolut simply seem not to be willing to understand how serious Covid is… They are playing with me…

I go the ID verification message a month before my passport expired, I contacted Revolut and they were very helpful and understanding due to Covid situation, so they verified my account anyway…

To my surprise a month later I got the same message, I contacted them a with a little back and forth, the were understanding and helpful, they verified my account again.

Guess what now I am getting the same message again, and this time they simply refuse to understand that the situation with Covis is still the same. And for me to get a new passport I will have to travel, putting myself at risc.

I understand EU has put some requirements Revolut has to live up to.

But what is not logical is the requirement of re-identification. Once you have identified a person, then that is done, you do not need to identify the person again. Not other bank nor financial institution I work are behaving like this and asking for ID verification over and over and over again.

The purpose of the EU regulations are to prevent White color crimes, not to make life a living hell for ordinary people.

Revolut should really look inwards and change their rigid policies…

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Hello, my front camera is broken, how can I proceed with the ID verification? I can’t go on chat support because the ID verification pops up and wont let me in the app.

I have tried to verify my account heaps of times over the past few days, and it won’t work. I don’t know what the problem is. I provided pictures of my ID Card as well as various selfies. What is the issue?

I have a card and i used to be able to log in the app and use Revolut. But now, when I log in the app, I am asked to verify my account by posting a document, either my ID or a passport. Since my ID is old, I try posting my passport. But all the times I have done so, the check comes back negative and so I cannot enter and use the app at all. As a result I cannot use revolut at all, although I have a card. I cannot understand how clear a picture Revolut needs to verify my ID.

Hi is there someone who can help me with this verification problem please?


I installed the Revolut app (Iphone6) and created an account. Now that I launch the app the only thing I’m allowed to do is verifying my identity, which I’m not able to do…
I’m Brazilian and I live in the Czech Republic, I tried using my residence card (A Czech document that proves my right to be here) but it could not be recognized as a government-issued ID document. And when I use my passport it says that cannot prove that I can reside in the country.
It seems I cannot do anything on the app as long as my identity has not been verified. But I already tried to verify my identity countless times and is not working at all.

How can I identify my identity and solve this situation?
Thank you!

Hello I have an identification problem too! I have tried to identify with the national id and with the passport and after some time the app says the identification failed. I can’t get past the app identification.Please help!