ID verification problem

Has anybody managed to verify their identity? I have been searching for this option and am unable to find it. I tried the “Verification & limits” section and it only shows me my anual topup limit without giving me any options to increase it or to verify my identity.

I also have a pending topup order and I need it to be processed ASAP.

The support chat is not working and I have no way of finding out what my funds status is.

This is very discouraging and I hope I get a fast answer from somebody representing Revolut or else I will definitely stop using it. If the problem persists I will look for legal advice in order to get this issue solved. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Looking forward to some feedback.


Hey @Liviu :slight_smile:

I have personally been able, though from personal experience, it didn’t offer me the option if I wasn’t close enough to the limit :wink:

Please consider that :r:'s support chat is currently experiencing an ongoing technical issue that’s affecting the chat functionality and therefore this might result in delayed response times or even no response at all. Therefore, consider postponing this query to a later time if it’s not urgent or getting in touch with :R: through Twitter if it is. I do hope you get it sorted out soon:


As I can see your account is verified :roll_eyes: Regarding your query to increase your limits an agent will contact you shortly.


Guys, thank you for your answers. Unfortunatelly, the Revolut suport team is extremely slow to answer and for each document that I send, it take them 2-3 days to answer. I have my top up sum pending for almost 2 weeks now.

I have asked them to return the pending amount and got no answer. This is extremely frustrating as I urgently needed this money.

Have you guys encountered such problems?

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Not that it helps you in your case, but may I ask why you would ever transfer a crucial amount to an unverified account?

Plain and simple no :slight_smile:

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You were right. Your answer didn’t help in my case.

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It was not an answer, it was a question. What you can do here is to contact @anon33247966, maybe he can speed it up.

I am still curious though, why you’d transfer such a crucial amount to a service you freshly signed up for and havent verified yet.

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They are at least partially at fault IMHO.

Not exactly, a traditional banks never takes unverified customers - this is the only bit where Revolut is to blame, they activate accounts before verification.

And that is what will haunt them :D. Did I read every single bit? No, but I do apply common sense, and at least that could be expected.

Partially yes.

Fully agreed, though why would one do that anyhow. I am even waiting for their banking licence before I am going to transfer any substantial amount.

100% absolutely completely totally agree.

Guys, my account is not new and it is actually verifiied. My top up sum is just a bit bigger than my limit and that’s my mistake but I am very disapointed by the answer time from Revolut team.

In the meantime it seems that the sum will be returned to the source account but unfortunately, it took almost 2 weeks and this is only because Revolut support answers once every 3 days, even as I have a premium account (which should have priority)

You do have a premium account? In that case support should be faster, I agree (and no, I dont have one :slight_smile: ).

Yes, support is slow right now - @Platin describe the situation just all too well.

Yes, the most unreasonable people become the loudest and the most upset … same old story :slight_smile:

As I can see the transfer has been reverted back.

Yes, it has, and to be honest, it was faster than I expected.

Just to be clear, for anybody that saw this thread, I never felt like my funds were at risk. The only thing that I would ask Revolut to improve is the answering time of their support team. When it comes to money, in my opinion, it is very important to have fast procedures.


Thank you for your feedback. We’re adding more agents to improve response time and provide a more seamless experience.


@anon33247966 Hello, I’m in France and I’m unable to verify my account, I had tried several times, photos aren’t blurry or something, can you help me, thanks !

Can anyone help me!!?? My app won’t recognise my face when I take a selfie so I can’t use the in app chat to get this sorted

Hello, @anon33247966. What does it happen when your selfie camera does not run? I am not able to verify my identity because my camera is not working anymore. May I verify my identity by downloading the app in an other cell? I could not find out if it is possible to verify your identity using the front camera.

Thank you in advance.

Bonjour je une problème avec mon compte pour le vérifier je suis nationalité vénézuéliene il m’en demande de mètre mon visa mais je besoin pas visa pour rentre à la France et pur le moment je n’ai pas encore une permis de séjour comment je peut faire j’en que mon passeport mais il fait échec à chaque fois quelqu’en peut m’en aide s’il vous plaît merci de votre réponse

Hey - I’m unable to find the verify option in my app and chat with us is greyed out: ‘you are offline’
can anyone help please? Thanks M